Chapter 2. Manage documents

Table of Contents

2.1. Document menu
2.2. Create new document
2.3. Open a document
2.3.1. Loading a SVG file
2.3.2. Loading an image file
2.3.3. Loading an URL
2.3.4. Loading a svg from openclipart gallery
2.4. Save the document
2.5. Print the document
2.6. Export the document as PNG
2.7. Define document dimensions
2.8. Resize document
2.9. Grid definition
2.10. Import definitions
2.11. Gradient definitions
2.12. Pattern definitions
2.13. Filter definitions
2.14. Marker definitions

This chapter describes the features of document management Draw SVG.

2.1. Document menu

The functions of document management are grouped in this menu.

Table 2.1. Document menu

NewCreate a new document
Open a document
Save the document
PrintPrint the document
Export the document as PNG image
DimensionsDefine document dimensions
Resizes the document by its bounding box
Grid definition
DefinitionsImport definitions from a SVG file
Edit gradient definitions
Edit pattern definitions
Edit filter definitions
Edit marker definitions
World map
French Vilandry castle garden


Since version 3, the functions (new, open, save, print, png export) are processed client side. The browser must comply HTML5.