Chapter 8. Tools

Table of Contents

8.1. Base64 Image Encoder
8.2. SVG to PNG Converter

This chapter describes the additional tools associated with the editor.

8.1. Base64 Image Encoder

With this tool load an image file (png, jpg, svg,..) and encode it into base64 data:URL to use it in your SVG, CSS and XHTML pages.

There is no transformation of the image content. The data:URL computed retains the type of the source image such as:

  • image/png for a png file

  • image/jpeg for a jpeg file

  • image/svg+xml for a svg file

  • ..

Figure 8.1. Base64 image Encoder

Base64 image Encoder


To copy text to the clipboard data:URL or HTML img code click on it and type ctrl + c. Then ctrl + v to paste it into your editor.