Release notes

Release notes exist since version 2-0 (2013).
This document shows only the most recent.

6-2 November 2017

6-1 October 2017

  • Improvement of the text editor.
  • The new version of the text editor includes sub-string selection, list formatting, styles, tabbing, alignment, and link insertion.

6-0 September 2017

  • CSS styles management.
  • Add the CSS styles tab to the element properties panel and the CSS class edit panel in the Document menu.
  • Rich text, increasing the panel size and changing the style of the body element in transparent background color.

5-9 August 2017

  • New layer functions for the integration API.
  • Fixed the Chrome sizing bug of the foreignObject element for the "Chrome / 59.0.3071.115 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64)" agent.
  • Improved animation of the accordion widget in the menu.

5-8 July 2017

  • Technical Migration on GWT 2.8.1
  • Rewrite media management to integrate the constraints of the Chrome foreignObject with a script that adjusts the media dimensions according to the browser (FireFox or Chrome). The SVG document produced with media supports and adapts to FireFox and Chrome browsers.
  • Added YouTube media.

5-7 May 2017

  • New showcase tool to demonstrate how to use Draw SVG
  • Manage multilingual documents and texts

5-6 October 2016

  • SVG load dialog box, fixed bug width and height values converted to 100%. Now retains a file's original width and height values.

5-5 August 2016

  • Drawing tasks for rect, image, map, svg and video ensure minimum size.
  • The selection of an element with an unsupported system language, display the element with a computed bounding box in place of SVG BBox.

5-4 June 2016

  • New default document dimensions equals to default which are adjusted to the Draw SVG window.
  • Changed the SVG dimensions dialog box to control the ratio window/viewBox dimensions with two buttons to adjust the dimensions of window and viewBox.
  • New tool to browse children. This tools is enabled when the selected object has child elements.
  • Floating tTool menu displays icons in two columns when the number of functions is more than 5.
  • Emoji tool added to Shape menu.
  • Shape digit drawing task, default stroke style defaults to non-scaling-stroke.
  • Load SVG dialog box, computes viewBox when undefined with a minimized window.

5-3 May 2016

  • Removed the vector-effect property (SVGsvg 1.2) from the default stroke style.
  • Added selection of elements by rectangle, and select an anchor element's children.
  • New option to oOpen SVG.

5-2 April 2016

  • Added a file name text field to the Save dialog box.

5-1 March 2016

  • The integration API added the getSVG function to get the current SVG document.
  • Optimized menu resizing..
  • Strengtheneding pathseg polyfill API (fixed a Chrome bug).
  • Syntax lLabels changed to have first letter capitalized.

5-0 February 2016

  • The integration API added the setDocumentMenu function and parameters (showSaveDialog, fullWindow) to loadStringSVG function.

4-9 January 2016

  • Chrome release 48 support.
  • New option of the document visual editing size.

4-8 December 2015

  • Added support for Chrome release 48.
  • Media menu added for drawing controls with three types (audio, video, rich text).
  • Added textPath with vertical offset dy attribute.
  • Added dx,dy fields in the Geometry tab.
  • When loading URL, fixed a bug for cross origin security exception.
  • Fixed bug for moving svg element.
  • Improved the media controls supports on Webkit browsers.