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2.3. Drawing a line

The "Draw elements" menu allows you to draw all known elementary forms of SVG.

We start by drawing a line.

To draw a line follow these steps:

  1. Open the "Elements" menu and its "line" sub-menu. Click on the icon "Line" to activate the function.The icon is framed by a dotted line to show that it is activated. The function displays the message "Digitize the line by 2 points origin and end."

  2. Draw the line with both ends, you can point each item separately or continuously as with a pencil.

  3. Drawn line is selected and the floating menu shows available editors to apply on it, you can re-draw a line from the floating menu.

Figure 2.7. Drawing a line

Drawing a line

See also draw line showcase for an interactive demonstration of how to draw a line.


The method of drawing a line is applicable to all basic forms with two points (rectangle, circle, ellipse, image, map).