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8.4. Clipping constraint

This type of constraint define a clip path with an element (rectangle, ellipse, circle, polygon, closed path) and apply it to linked elements.

When transforming the element the definition of the clip path is updated.

Figure 8.5. Clipping constraint

Clipping constraint

The clipping constraint has one defs element to define the clip path and one defs element for each cliped element to apply it.

<defs id="drawsvgConstraints">
	<defs id="constraint1" drawsvg:constraint="{'type':'clipPathDef', 'ids':['e2_circle'], 'priority':0}">
		<clipPath id="clipPath-constraint1" drawsvg:constraints="['constraint2']">
			<circle cx="174.655" cy="185.337" r="55.9534"/>
	<defs id="constraint2" drawsvg:constraint="{'type':'clipPathApply', 'ids':['clipPath-constraint1','e1_image'], 'priority':0}"/>

To define a clipping constraint: select first the clip definition element (rectangle, ellipse, circle, polygon, closed path) then the target element to apply the constraint with the action of the selection / constraints menu.

See showcase Clipping constraint .