drawsvg iconDRAWSVG user's manual

13.1. Define a custom shape catalog

Shape catalogs are generated by merging svg files into one file and exported to drawsvg editor with the custom shape catalog tool .

Shape catalog are saved in the local storage of the browser then reloaded from the local storage on each session.

Drawing's inserted shapes are free from the catalog with no link or trace.

There are two methods for creating a catalog:

SVG files should contains only drawing elements, they should not contains defs or style elements to prevent from style conflicts.

Custom shape catalogs are stored inside the local storage of the browser to be re-used for each drawsvg editor session with the shape chooser dialog.

Custom catalogs are shown first in the top bar. User can define from one to four catalogs.

Catalog can be defined also by program with the JsChannel API. (see function setCustomShapeCatalog )

The generated svg files can also be loaded from the dialog.