DRAWSVG user's manual

Chapter 4. Editing selection

Table of Contents

4.1. Selection menu
4.2. Select elements
4.3. Apply style
4.4. Select background rectangle
4.5. Select drawn elements
4.6. Order front
4.7. Order back
4.8. Align
4.9. Space equally
4.10. Marker definition
4.11. Pattern definition
4.12. Editors
4.13. Editor panels

This chapter describes the interactive editing of graphical elements in a document.

The elements of the current selection can be changed from the Selection menu or from the floating menu displayed near the selection.

The selection can be extended to the group membership of selected items with the group select function.

To explore all the drawing tasks and editing tasks available on selected objects, see the drawing tasks and editors pages with showcase links on each task.