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3.4. Save the document

This function is available from the document menu .

Item Description

This function allows the user to save the svg document with differents ways :

  • Saving the document as a file on the disk of the computer

  • Updating the loaded resource by its URL if marked as available for update

  • Calling the jsChannel save service (see chapter integration )

  • Publish on drawing board network

The document can be viewed in a separate window.

Figure 3.7. Save dialog box

Save dialog box

The dialog shows the document in a preview window, with a link to view it in a separate window and a button to save it as a file.


The document is saved with the original view.

If the document has been loaded from an URL marked to be updated, the dialog show an other button "save resource"

Figure 3.8. Saving a SVG URL

Saving a SVG URL

If the document has been loaded from a jsChannel client application with a save service, the dialog shows an other button with the service name to call it (see chapter integration ).

Figure 3.9. Saving with a jsChannel service

Saving with a jsChannel service