DRAWSVG user's manual

Chapter 6. Drawing shapes

The menu "Drawing shapes" provides ready-made shapes.

Each shape is a path element or a group of paths.

A shape can be defined by it's center or a corner (upper left/right or bottom left/right). It's size can preserve the model's ratio.

The shape model can be selected from the three sets (arrows, flowcharts, symbols) of the menu or from the drawsvg catalog, emoji, font Awesome icon choosers.

See draw shapes, emoji, font Awesome icon showcases for an interactive demonstrations.

Figure 6.1. Shape full catalog

Shape full catalog

The shape catalog provide a lot of models from IcoMoon.and fontawesome

Custom catalog can be added with custom shape catalog tool.

To draw a shape

  • set drawing mode (corner or center, keep ratio or not)

  • select it's model

  • draw it with two points

  • then defines its style properties