DRAW-SVG editor user profile

DrawSVG editor is useful for all types of users, whether beginners or experts..

The functions of DrawSVG editor are classified into two user profiles:

  • A basic profile comprising all the common functions for editing an SVG document
  • An expert profile with additional advanced features intended for users specializing in SVG

See tasks to view the difference between basic and expert profiles.

The basic profile is free to use with no identification required.

The expert profile:

Email account is a simple alternative to Google and Patreon accounts:
  • No user authentication required but just an access code
  • Create it with your name and email, then a confirmation email is sent to you with a validation link and an access code
  • If you lose your access code you can request to receive it again with your email
  • Finally you can request the deletion of your account with your email, a confirmation email will be sent to you with an effective deletion link.
To create an email acount, use the email account management tool:
email account tool