DRAW-SVG editor key features

The drawsvg editor functionalities are organized into three categories of tasks and user profile (basic,expert) :

  • Tasks to manage documents (42 tasks including 18 expert, opening, saving, etc.)
  • Tasks to draw elements (35 tasks including 14 expert)
  • Tasks to modify the selected elements (101 tasks including 50 expert)

To explore features, see :

Below are main features ordered by usual themes

Draw objects

  • Basic elements (rectangle, circle, ellipse, line, polyline, polygon)
  • Bezier arcs (cubic, quadratic)
  • Shapes, Emoji and Font Awesome icons
  • Straight and curved text, single and multi-lines, with full feature editor
  • Images
  • Ready-made shapes (a lot of icons, arrows, flowcharts..)

Expert profile

  • Advanced elements (path, Bezier curves)
  • Path segments insert, remove and refactor
  • Drawing geometry with point capture to connect objects
  • Media controls (YouTube, video, audio, rich text)
  • Multi-language text
  • Document composition with svg included
  • Google Maps

Modify objects

  • Click an object, select the closest point clicked or all those inside in rectangle
  • Select easy with target and points highlighting
  • Moving the control points of the geometry of an object
  • Transform objects
  • Full interactive editing text with the mouse
  • Download and encode PNG into image objects

Expert profile

  • Edit geometry data
  • Insert intersections
  • Logical operations on closed shapes (union, intersection, difference)
  • Move and merge points
  • Apply constraints to objects
  • Manage layers, change the order of objects, align edges
  • Browse map location
  • Import svg files into included svg objects

Rendering objects

  • Copying the style of an object on another
  • WYSIWYG editing style properties
  • Color chooser (RGB, HSV, palette)
  • Stroke style (color, scaling, width, dash, opacity, gradient, pattern, cap, join)
  • Fill style (color, opacity, gradient. pattern, rule)
  • Text style (family, size, font-style,weight, anchor, decoration)
  • Marker style (start, mid, end)
  • Import custom shape catalog

Expert profile

SMIL animations

Animate elements with expert profile

Manage your drawing files

  • Save and load SVG files on your computer
  • Load images as SVG files
  • Optimize SVG file size.
  • Conversion into PNG images
  • Publish on Board tool

Expert profile

Interactive editing tools

Full svg made editing tools for a best rendered and interaction

Integration in a web application

  • Use DRAW-SVG as an integrated drawing tool within your web site
  • Edit and save your svg documents
  • Integration by API based on mozilla jsSchannel
  • Customize UI with your own application using HTML, CSS and javascript
  • See jsChannel demo ,  demo popup,  custom app,  and dev guide